Agility Videos

I thought folks might like to see what NADAC Tunnelers looks like! Here is Skipper. The dogs love it!

Here is a video of Isabel and Cocoa doing NADAC Extreme Hoopers!

Here is Stewie at a NADAC trial on 1-1-2013 at Addicted to Agility in North Smithfield, RI. He got a Q and a 1st place.






Here are some runs from today’s Show and Go, more will be coming tomorrow

Becky and Kiah:


Becky and Taffy Standard

Becky and Taffy Jumpers

Becky and Stewie Jumpers

Becky and Twinkle

Jen and Tide Standard

Mike and EZ- Standard Run

Nadine and Twinkle Standard

Tide and Jen Jumpers run

Here are two recent runs Stewie did at Northeast Agility Enthusiasts Virtual runs in Dummerston. VT


Elite Touch and Go

Elite Weavers

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