Summer Highlights of NEAT members

It’s been a busy summer for NEAT members after the trial in May.

Here are a few highlights from our members:

Dexter and Liz earned their SPR (starters performance relay) title at the BARK trial in July – this is Dexter’s first USDAA title – congrats Dexter!


Dexter and his USDAA ribbons from BARK

Christina and Pippa got their first Performance 2 Gamblers Q at the BARK trial and earned their APD (Advanced Performance Dog – 3 Q’s in P2 standard and at least 1 in each of P2 Gamblers, Snooker, Jumpers and Pairs). Congrats Pippa! Pippa also teamed up with Dahli to run “strategic pairs” which was some of the most fun anyone’s ever seen at an agility trial.


Strategic Pairs is a wild and fun game

One week later, Dahli finished her 3rd leg of P2 Standard and joined Pippa in the APD club by earning her title at the Data Driven Agility trial in Vermont! Dahli also enjoyed her first trip to the New England Regionals.


Master’s (or P3) Furrever now says Dahli showing off her APD ribbon at Data Driven Agility.

Penny and Miranda have had a busy summer – Penny moved up from Enthusiast to Regular in CPE and got her first few Level 3 Q’s. She also had fun at USDAA Regionals and got her first USDAA P1 Q in Jumpers, and then got 2 more in Jumpers and Snooker at BARK.


Penny has been racking up the ribbons at CPE and USDAA this summer.

NORM! and Amanda had a great time in Turnbridge, VT at a trial. Here they are taking a break from the agility ring to strut their stuff!


Norm and Amanda always have a blast together!

Nancy’s Skipper earned his Intro Versatility Award and Novice Versatility Awards this spring. He earned his 1st Elite title, Elite Tunnelers on July 29th! Here’s Skipper showing off his awards:

Annie states that “I’m sure we did lots of great stuff and got NADAC titles and stuff, but I forget what and don’t really care enough to look it up. My brag is Chico is still running happily and Bonney is getting faster.” Which is a good reminder to all that it’s not the titles but the moments you share with your dog that matters the most.

And along those line’s … Lauren, Ben, and Dahli excitedly welcomed Nate Dogg to their family in July – he has since learned some tunnels, wobble boards, a table, and a tire… but his biggest accomplishment? Pooping while on a leash in a strange new place at the New England USDAA Regionals. Way to go Nate!


Nate at his new home with a new toy!

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