NEAT is partnering with Non-stop Dogwear!

This year NEAT has chosen to partner with Non-stop Dogwear, a Scandinavian company that pride’s itself in creating ergonomic, innovative, and functional gear for active dogs and their humans.

Our members are excited about this partnership as we love that Non-stop Dogwear’s gear is designed for unrestricted movement allowing our dogs to remain active in all conditions which is important as we keep our dogs fit for the physically intense demands of agility. We love how their gear fits dogs of all shapes and sizes – and love that there is great gear for humans too!

We are so appreciative of our partnership with Non-stop Dogwear and look forward to our 2023 USDAA Trial where participants will have a chance to win some gear for humans and canines thanks to Non-stop Dogwear!

Continue reading below to hear about some of the jackets Non-stop Dogwear makes and see some photos!

Non-stop Dogwear makes gear from harnesses to collars to jackets to boots to leashes to running waist belts and more! for dogs of all sizes. We’ve been testing out some of the gear and really love it!

One of our favorite jackets is the Glacier Jacket 2.0. It features PrimaLoft insulation (which many of us have in our human coats!) perfect for cold days. The shell is also windproof and water repellant. The jacket comes in 4 different colors though the blaze orange and black is a favorite of ours since it is great for being out during hunting season. It also comes in a wide size range fitting even the smallest of dogs well!

Another feature we love on the Glacier Jacket (and Fjord Raincoat) is that there is a leash pass through for both a collar and harness! Making it easy to still use a harness or collar when the coat is on the dog. We were especially impressed with the baffle around the pass through that prevents drafts from entering these areas (which can happen on coats from other brands – but not Non-Stop Dogwear!)

We were also able to test the popular Fjord Jacket which is a waterproof, windproof, breathable shell. It was easy to see why it is a best seller! We’ve seen a lot of other dog gear out there and no other rain jacket compares! Typical rain jackets for dogs are a single waterproof layer which traps humidity inside and leaves dogs hot. This jacket is incredible! It works well in rain and snow (photos in the snow though!). It is very waterproof and great for dogs who run a bit warmer.

Another wonderful coat is the Blest Jacket. This is a little different than the other coats and does not have a pass through or buckle straps. It is an ultralight waterproof and wind resistant jacket with PrimaLoft insulation designed for active dogs on cold days whether moving or stopped. It, like the other coats, is designed for a full freedom of movement for dogs. What we loved that this was easy to put on with gloves in the snow. Nate (seen below) often runs very hot and does not need a coat unless he is stopped or recovering from a mid-winter swim (Yes he swims even in the snow if he can get to the water!). The ability pack the Blest up and easily put it on when needed was wonderful!

To see even more photos check out this slide show! Want to try the gear on your own dog? Join NEAT for our May 2023 USDAA Trial where you can try gear on, get a sense of the different items in person, and possibly even win some gear as a prize!

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