About Us

The New England Agility Team is a canine agility club located in seacoast New Hampshire. NEAT is a casual but high-energy club, comprised of many talented individuals dedicated to the sport of dog agility. Some of us are interested in competition, but all of us are in it to have fun and to build a better relationship with our canine companions!

Each year NEAT holds a USDAA agility trial, a practice Show and Go, and at least one public agility demonstration. We hold weekly practice for members, setting up a new and exciting agility course each week.

NEAT is open to all dog owners and their dogs, including purebred and mixed breed dogs. As a member of NEAT you are welcome to attend club meetings, practice sessions, demos, trials, events, and work parties. The club is an excellent avenue for networking. It offers the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the world of agility, and to share agility knowledge and skills.

As a member you develop camaraderie with fellow dog lovers and have the opportunity to attend dog-related seminars, fun cookouts, appreciation banquets, and doggie Xmas parties. Club members can apply for stipends to attend training, seminars, lectures, and national level championships. The Club provides informal mentoring for new agility competitors.

Club members also receive a discount on all NEAT agility classes.