USDAA Trial in Amherst

This past weekend many members were present at the BARK USDAA trial in Amherst.

Here’s a few highlights:

Sandy and Jed earned a Gambler Q (#25 = Gambler Champion Silver), a Standard Q and a Pairs Q (Master’s Level).

Liz and Dexter earned a Q in P1 Pairs and Snooker in their second ever USDAA Trial!!!


Dexter showing off his 2 Q’s and 2 firsts!

Annie and Bonney got their 3rd Q in P1 Snooker earning their P1 Snooker title!


Bonney with her P1 Snooker Title Ribbon!

Lauren and Dahli got 4 Q’s in P1 Snooker, Jumpers, Gamblers, and Pairs (with Liz/Dexter).


Dahli was tuckered after 4 runs at the trial.

Amanda and Norm! got a Q in P1 jumpers – their second jumpers Q towards their P1 jumpers title!


“Only one more Q and I get my P1 jumpers title!” – Norm

All Dogs Gym USDAA trial

NEAT members Amanda and Lauren spent some time at the USDAA Trial at All Dogs Gym in Manchester, NH on February 23 and 25.

Amanda and Norm had a wonderful time at their second USDAA trial and earned two firsts and a Q in P1 Jumpers! He spent some time posing with Amanda after the trial and said wow that jump is way too high for me!


Amanda and Norm celebrating after a fun day!

Lauren’s dog Dahli earned 3 Q’s in Intro including one in Snooker completing their Intro Snooker title. On Sunday they moved up to P1 and earned Q’s in Jumpers, Gamblers and Snooker – you can see a cool video of their gamble and snooker run on instagram (follow Dahli at @dahlithebc).


NADAC New Years Trial

Nancy and Lauren went to the Addicted to Agility New Years NADAC trial and had a wonderful time!

Skipper had a weekend almost as big as the jump seen below and got his Outstanding Novice Jumpers title (5Qs), Novice Barrelers title, and his Novice Regular title and Qs in many other classes including tunnelers, chances, and intro weavers! You can see a video of Skipper in a jumpers run here.


Skipper jumps BIG!

It was Dahli and Lauren’s first time at a NADAC trial. They entered novice standard, jumpers, chances, touch n go, tunnelers, barrelers, and hoopers and intro weavers. They ended the weekend with 13 Q’s and a Novice Jumpers title. 


Dahli sits waiting for a treat – she is much happier about that then all the silly pieces of fabric in front of her!