A NEAT time at NADAC

This weekend club members Nancy, Miranda, Annie, and Lauren all went to the NADAC trial hosted by Addicted to Agility in Rhode Island.

At their first NADAC trial, Miranda and Penny had a lot of success! It took Penny a few tries to get used to the black colored contacts but then Penny became quiet proficient with her favorite obstacle (the dog walk). Penny racked up 4 Q’s and 2 first, 3 second, 3 third, and 2 fourth places …  way to go Penny!

Also new to NADAC was Annie and her dogs Bonney and Chico. Bonney had a wonderful weekend with 5 Q’s including two towards her Novice Regular title! She was happy to see old doggy friends but also made a new friend in a handsome dog named Beau.  Chico, (who is 13!), has competed in many other venues making it all the way to Master’s but this was his first time in NADAC. He enjoyed starting over at the novice level and Q’ed all 10 runs he entered in! But most importantly he may have been the happiest dog on the course and many enjoyed watching his sheer joy as he sped around the ring over each obstacle in his way!

Nancy and Skipper had a great time but were only able to make the trial on Saturday morning but still had some great runs including a perfect, smooth, connected Regular run with a Q and a 1st place. And Nancy was happy that every set of weave poles was perfect all day! You can watch a video of Skipper’s regular run  – look at him go!!!


Lauren and Dahli competed in 16 runs and earned 9 Q’s (including their first open Q in jumpers!). Dahli also earned 4 new titles (Novice Barrelers, Novice Tunnelers, Novice Hoopers, and Novice Regular). Dahli enjoyed her time running in the ring but most enjoyed the fish skins and mozzarella cheese she earned as a reward.

NADAC New Years Trial

Nancy and Lauren went to the Addicted to Agility New Years NADAC trial and had a wonderful time!

Skipper had a weekend almost as big as the jump seen below and got his Outstanding Novice Jumpers title (5Qs), Novice Barrelers title, and his Novice Regular title and Qs in many other classes including tunnelers, chances, and intro weavers! You can see a video of Skipper in a jumpers run here.


Skipper jumps BIG!

It was Dahli and Lauren’s first time at a NADAC trial. They entered novice standard, jumpers, chances, touch n go, tunnelers, barrelers, and hoopers and intro weavers. They ended the weekend with 13 Q’s and a Novice Jumpers title. 


Dahli sits waiting for a treat – she is much happier about that then all the silly pieces of fabric in front of her!